If you have any further questions or require some additional information and access to resources, please have a look below. 

Are there any special security requirements I need to know about?

You do not need a security clearance to apply for a job with the NIC, but you will need one if we hire you.  The purpose of a security clearance is to make sure that those who access very sensitive government information, are both eligible and suitable to do so.

How do I know if I am eligible for a security clearance?

You must be an Australian citizen and we must be able to verify your background through independent and reliable sources. You will need to show the highest levels of honesty, trustworthiness, maturity, tolerance, resilience and loyalty to Australia. You must not be vulnerable to improper influence. 

Are there different levels of security clearance for different jobs?

The short answer is yes. There are different levels of security clearance, with each level allowing access to information based on its sensitivity.  Your employer will let you know which level of security clearance you will need. 

How long does the security process take?

The security clearance process involves a range of checks – some of which are quite intrusive. The whole process can take between a few weeks to months to complete. Some agencies undertake their own clearances, and some use the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA).

Is there anything I can get involved with as a student at the moment in the NIC?

The short answer is yes. Below are some links to agencies and their programs aimed at school students 

I’ve never written an application before, where do I start?

All the information you need about any NIC job will be on that agency’s career page, but the Australian Public Service Commission has some really useful resources that can help you write an application - APSC - Cracking the code 

I am just about to finish my studies, how do I find out about programs that might be available for me?

There are many opportunities across the NIC for people who have completed any further study, including certifications, degrees, post degrees and more.  Agency career’s pages are a great place to start.

The Australian Public Service Commission also has lots of information about graduate programs.

I am in my mid-40’s looking to get back to work. Does the NIC have jobs for me?

We certainly do. The NIC is an inclusive workplace, looking to build on diversity. A helpful site for a broader look at what’s available across the Public Service is the Department of Education, Skills and Employment Mature Age Hub.

I am really interested in working within the NIC, but I think I need to upskill, is there anywhere I can go to get help.

You have come to the right place; we hope this website has provided you with all the information you need about the types of people and skills we are looking for. Remember, you don’t need a qualification to work in the NIC, but it can be useful. Course Seeker and My Skills can help you find a university or TAFE course that suits your skills and interests.