Your Career

At School

Do you like solving problems? Are you curious?  Are you interested in the world and understanding world events?

Then you might want to start thinking about a career in intelligence.

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Doing Further Study

Are you at university or TAFE and thinking about what subjects you might choose? Or where those subjects might lead you? Are you a critical thinker? Or are you creative? Do you like working as part of a team? 

Have you thought about a career in intelligence?  

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Are you nearly finished your degree or further study? Do you wonder what might be next for you? Do you want a job that has a sense of purpose and mission?  Or an employer who supports diversity, as well as further study and other career opportunities?  

There are many varied careers and agencies in the National Intelligence Community.  

And we’re looking for people with a variety of skills and interests.  

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In the Workforce  

Are you thinking about a career change? Are you looking to apply your skills in a new environment? Are you looking for a new challenge?  Or do you want to make a difference? 

If so, there might be a career in intelligence for you.  

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In the NIC 

Are you already working in the National Intelligence Community but thinking about doing something different? Are you thinking that you might want to work in another agency but are not sure where to start looking?   

Did you know that the skills you already have might be transferable to another agency?

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