Why work for us

When you work in the National Intelligence Community (NIC), you get to be part of something that really matters. We work to advance and protect Australia and its interests, its people and our way of life.  

The unique thing about our community is that throughout your career, you’ll have the opportunity to work across different issues and learn new skills. You’ll also be able to have a career across many agencies – there are 10 agencies to choose from! 

There is a wide variety of work in the NIC and we’re looking for people with different skills, interests and backgrounds. 

And whatever role you’re in, you’ll feel part of a community that is working together to secure Australia. 

While some people work on their own in the field, others work in roles that are not unlike other government departments, with a strong focus on collaboration and teamwork.  

You’ll interact with a diverse and dedicated group of people, drawn from all walks of life that reflect contemporary Australia.  

So, if you’re someone might be interested in a career in intelligence and you have some or all of the following attributes: 

  • can make sense of data and information 
  • is a critical thinker 
  • can engage with other people and has good communications skills 
  • likes to get things done 
  • is curious and can think creatively 
  • is honest, trustworthy and loyal to Australia 

come and explore what roles we have available – you might be surprised at what you find!