Office of National Intelligence

The Office of National Intelligence (ONI), formerly known as the Office of National Assessments, is Australia’s lead intelligence agency tasked with providing intelligence assessments to senior government officials, and taking a coordination and enterprise management role across the ten NIC agencies.  

The Director-General National Intelligence is the head of ONI and reports directly to the Prime Minister. ONI’s role is to ensure Australia has an agile, integrated intelligence enterprise that will meet the challenges of Australia’s evolving security environment.  

ONI’s mandate falls into three categories: 

Assessment: ONI assesses and analyses international political, strategic and economic developments for the Prime Minister and senior ministers in the NSC. ONI bases its assessments on information available to the Australian Government from all sources, including government, business, think tanks and academia. 

Enterprise Management: ONI evaluates NIC performance, develops strategy, and coordinates and collaborates with stakeholders to develop joint capabilities and shared services across the NIC. This includes workforce management, IT infrastructure, science and technology, and foreign engagement.  

The Open Source Centre (OSC): The OSC collects, interprets and disseminates information relating to matters of political, strategic or economic significance to Australia that is accessible to any section of the public. The 2017 Independent Intelligence Review recommended the OSC become a centre of expertise for open source collection, analysis, tradecraft and training, as well as lead in the NIC’s open source intelligence community of practice.