Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is the nation’s security service. ASIO protects Australia and Australians from threats to their security. ASIO’s priorities are outlined below: 

ASIO protects Australians from politically motivated and communal violence. It does this by collecting intelligence here and overseas, analysing and investigating terrorism threats, and providing advice to, and working with, partners to strengthen public safety and intervening to disrupt attacks. 

ASIO also protects Australia from efforts by hostile foreign intelligence services to undermine Australia’s democratic systems and institutions. It does this by collecting intelligence to detect and deter espionage and foreign interference activities targeting Australian interests here and overseas, and investigating threats and advising government and industry partners and working with them to foster institutional and community resilience. 

ASIO supports whole-of-government efforts to protect Australia’s border integrity. It does this through intelligence collection and investigations into people smuggling activities.  

ASIO provides unique analysis of, and security advice on, complex visa applications and other movements of goods and people. Its work helps to advance the efforts of its partners, including those from the National Intelligence Community, to maintain Australia’s economic and national security interests. 

ASIO is committed to accelerating the delivery of the mission through improvements to its technology. The reform program will: 

  • modernise ASIO’s data analytics 
  • increase the speed and scale of its discovery and investigative work 
  • improve effectiveness in decision-making 
  • resolve threats quickly and drive down risk. 

High levels of public trust are critical to the operations of ASIO, and the effective and efficient delivery of its purpose. It achieves this by strict compliance with the law, stringent application of policies and procedures, and active cooperation with external oversight.  

ASIO is committed to the continual improvement of enterprise management and governance practices to assure Australians that the organisation pursues its work with integrity and accountability.