Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

The purpose of the Australian Criminal Intelligence commission (ACIC) is to protect Australia from criminal threats by coordinating a strategic response. It does this by collecting, assessing and disseminating criminal intelligence and policing information. The ACIC also delivers a world class background checking service (the National Police Checking Service) to support employment or entitlement decisions.

The ACIC’s vision is ‘An Australia hostile to criminal exploitation’. The agency collects information and works on investigations with state and territory, national and international partners. Coercive powers give the ACIC a unique intelligence collection capability. It can inform and provide critical contributions to national strategies to combat serious and organised crime, cybercrime and national security threats. 

The ACIC is the conduit for sharing criminal information and intelligence between all state, territory and Commonwealth law enforcement agencies. On a daily basis, it provides national criminal information and intelligence services to more than 70,000 police officers and other accredited users. It aims to keep the officers, and the Australian community, safe.

A board under the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 governs the ACIC. The board provides strategic direction to the agency and represents Commonwealth, state and territory law enforcement and other regulatory agencies.  

The ACIC’s strategic objectives are to:  

  • be the criminal intelligence partner of choice
  • provide comprehensive Commonwealth and policing information to its partners
  • keep the community safe
  • deliver a sustainable agency.