Service Delivery & Engagement

"I’m a people person and enjoy feeling part of a community and getting things done. I would like to take part in something important, even if I’m one of many doing so. It’s important to me that my skills are recognised. I have great attention to detail and am good with numbers. I’ve been thinking about a career in law or accountancy."


Our in-house psychologists play an important role in ensuring the well-being of our staff and their families. Working in the intelligence community can present unique challenges and our psychologists provide direct, highly valued support on a daily basis. You will deliver a range of psychological services using your analytical, assessment and psychological risk knowledge with tasks potentially including:

  • psychological assessments, including advice regarding suitability for employment;

  • management of a small caseload (employee assistance), providing brief solution-focused interventions for a range of personal and vocational challenges;

  • staff and leadership development delivered through a range of in-house programs in accordance with the strategic direction of each NIC agency;

  • undertake research, project work and provide analysis on current psychological trends in organisational health, insider threat psychology and staff wellbeing

  • provide other services and specialist input to management and stakeholders on behavioural science related issues as required to support intelligence operations

  • contribute to organisational change management initiatives.

Capability development and acquisition

To maintain a capability edge over our adversaries, we need professionals who can solve complex problems, test innovative approaches and research new solutions. We then need the skills to take innovative ideas and convert them into robust and proven capabilities.

In these roles, you'll manage the whole life cycle of contracts for goods and services, from planning and execution to administration and closeout—all to support a mission of keeping the nation safe. You will interact with customers to solicit and evaluate proposals, conduct cost or price analysis and implement acquisition strategies. You may research and evaluate potential contractors or vendors to determine the best fit with government needs, considering capabilities and costs. You may manage contracts of several types and dollar values, ranging from simplified purchases to multimillion-dollar awards.

Communications and graphic design

One of our primary tasks is to convey information to our customers in the most effective form we can. This increasingly involves us using innovative graphic and multimedia approaches to convey our analysis and messages. Working in words or images, online or print, you know how to articulate ideas and craft communication products that tell a story. Whether your specialty is visual communication, writing, editing or web development, you will facilitate internal or external communication to achieve National Intelligence Community goals. You will become a part of a team that oversees communicating vital information to multiple audiences.

People skills

Our work is defined by our people. We need to attract, recruit and retain the best talent if we are going to produce the insights and innovation we need to deliver on our mission. As part of this, we are committed to developing innovative recruitment and retention strategies and providing the highest level of care and support for our staff and their families.

We work across the National Intelligence Community on common human resource challenges, including workforce planning, diversity and inclusion initiatives and talent attraction. To do this work, we need human resources professionals who want to support and grow highly talented individuals. We offer unique, challenging work in organisations where human resources skills are recognised and valued.

Law and legal services

The National Intelligence Community operates in an extremely complex arena that is governed by international and domestic laws, rules, regulations and standards. As a law and legal service professional, you will use your knowledge of the law and applicable standards, rules and regulations to advise leadership and guide policymakers on the legal issues facing us today and in the future.