Service Delivery & Engagement

"I’m a people person and enjoy feeling part of a community and getting things done. I would like to take part in something important, even if I’m one of many doing so. It’s important to me that my skills are recognised. I have great attention to detail and am good with numbers. I’ve been thinking about a career in law or accountancy."

The NIC is more than collecting and analysing intelligence to support government. Like any complex business, it takes a wide variety of skill-sets and roles to support what the NIC does.

Some of the roles we have include:

  •  Accountants
  • Procurement specialists
  • Lawyers and Compliance Officers
  • HR professionals
  • Work, Health and Safety professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence experts
  • Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Communications and Media Experts
  • Vetting Officers

Agencies in the NIC also hire people skilled in a trade or logistics role, including:

  • building services
  • couriers
  • security management
  • electricians
  • carpenters
  • locksmiths

Some of our roles do not need a formal qualification, you can learn on the job.

Whatever the role, you’ll be part of an organisation, and community, undertaking important work, where team spirit, loyalty and a ‘can do’ attitude are highly valued.