Intelligence & Analysis

"I enjoy finding information about different places and topics. This includes including facts and figures, and countries and cultures. I’m also interested in people and how they see the world in different ways based on their culture and upbringing. I would like to find a job where I could use my skills and do something really interesting."

There are many roles in the NIC that collect intelligence and information. Sometimes we use a variety of tools to get the intelligence. In other roles, someone else collects the intelligence and it’s analysed by a different person or group of people.

There’s often so much information in the world that it can be difficult to decide what’s useful and what’s not. This is where good skills come in. Good intelligence often forms the basis for a story or narrative about an event that:

  • has happened
  • is happening
  • might happen in the future.

All our NIC agencies use intelligence in some way to inform.