Information & Security

"I would like to work in the field of cyber security. It’s something I’ve been hearing about a lot and I’ve been looking at programs at university. What roles are available in the government sector for specialists in cyber security?"

A number one priority in the National Intelligence Community (NIC) is to maintain the security of our people and our information and data.

We’re accountable to government who make sure we have the right rules and protocols in place. This includes having advanced systems and well-trained employees.

Some of our information is highly classified and any breach of this information could impact national security and put lives at risk. Every day, we guard against cyber threats to:

  • our agencies
  • the wider government
  • private enterprise.

Some of the jobs we have in security and maintaining the integrity of information and intelligence,

  • IT Security Specialist
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • Vetting Officer
  • Physical Security Officer
  • Personnel Security
  • Information Management
  • Risk and Governance