Information & Security

"I've always been fascinated by the world of intelligence and security, so when I heard about the role of vetting analyst, I was immediately interested. I am someone who pays close attention to detail, enjoys analysing information and likes to work with people. I value honesty and integrity and understand just how important it is to keep sensitive information confidential."

Security Professional

Security professionals in the Intelligence Community protect the people, information, facilities and the systems that protect our nation. We depend on security personnel to protect our employees and agencies. Our personnel must be safe, and our classified information must remain protected.

Vetting Analyst

Our work can be highly sensitive, so the honesty and integrity of our people is essential. That’s why we rely on our vetting analysts to identify those who can keep Australia’s secrets safe.

As a vetting analyst, you’ll make recommendations on individuals' suitability to hold security clearances and work with us. To do this, you’ll conduct in-depth interviews, analyse information and produce detailed reports.

Central to the role is connecting with other people, as well as maintaining the privacy and dignity of those you assess. Everything you do will support an increasingly diverse workforce and the safety of Australia.