Digital Capability

"I’m studying a Masters of Business Information Technology. I enjoy learning about digital problems and solutions. Technological changes are happening fast and, AI and machine learning, offer many possibilities in the workplace. I’d love to work somewhere where I can apply what I’ve learnt, try new challenges and keep up-to-date with new digital technologies."


Professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are critical to every part of our work, including requirement setting, engineering and design, development, testing and operations.  Our IT planners, architects and practitioners work together to protect our cyber security and ensure the National intelligence Community maintains leading technological and data capabilities. Every agency collects, analyses and shares data from a wide range of sources, which we then need to retrieve, combine and analyse to understand current events and forecast future developments accurately.

Cyber Security

All agencies in the National Intelligence Community have a role to play in our cyber landscape. Your next career could be focused on a defensive mission, helping to protect Australian information systems from cyberattacks, or it could be focused on an offensive mission, gathering intelligence from foreign adversaries and preventing them from using their systems to attack us. No matter where you start, you will study many sides of cyber and move from one agency to another to expand your skill sets.