Data Analytics

"I enjoy working with technology to solve difficult problems. I’ve always had an interest in coding and love numbers and finding ways to visualize the data I collect. I would like to use data to help interpret what’s happening around us, and even to predict the future!"

As with all industries, the NIC must work with increasing amounts of data. This includes not only the data we collect from our intelligence work, but also information on how we conduct our business and our operations. Improved business intelligence allows us to operate better.

The government uses the data we organise and interpret in its decision-making.

In our agencies, you’ll find patterns and relationships in large volumes of data by using:

  • advanced hardware
  • software
  • interactive and visualization techniques.

You’ll communicate your interpretation of data to many different groups within the NIC and wider government. You’ll also take part in the design and implementation of data science strategies, as we build a more collaborative and data-driven NIC.