Data Analytics

"I enjoy working with technology to solve difficult problems. I’ve always had an interest in coding and love numbers and finding ways to visualize the data I collect. I would like to use data to help interpret what’s happening around us, and even to predict the future!"

Data and Computer Science

Our technologists work on how the National Intelligence Community can build game-changing common platforms and capabilities, such as secure cloud platforms and specialised tools. We need information architects, business analysts and project managers who understand how to design, integrate and build flexible and scalable systems.

Data science professionals in the National Intelligence Community have opportunities that rarely are matched in the private sector. As a computer or data scientist in the Intelligence Community, you will research, test and support new solutions to storing, manipulating and presenting information. Depending on your skill set, you may manipulate and analyse large datasets to find patterns and relationships, develop computational algorithms and statistical methods to create reusable, repeatable operations or communicate findings with decision-makers.

Whatever road you choose, you will immerse yourself in big data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics and specialised data operations that won't be matched elsewhere.