Skills and interests

The National Intelligence Community (NIC) completes a wide range and depth of work. As such, we have many interesting roles and careers to match your skills and interests.

There are 5 broad categories of work in the NIC including:

  • information security
  • digital capability
  • intelligence and analysis
  • data analytics
  • service delivery and engagement.

Some types of work are similar across all agencies, especially in the areas of service delivery and engagement. Depending on the role of the agency, there may be a greater emphasis on certain types of work. For example, some agencies collect intelligence, while others focus on the analysis of intelligence.  

Learn more and explore and learn more about how your skills and interests might match with different job roles in the NIC.

Information & Security

"I've always been fascinated by the world of intelligence and security, so when I heard about the role of vetting analyst, I was immediately interested. I am someone who pays close attention to detail, enjoys analysing information and likes to work with people. I value honesty and integrity and understand just how important it is to keep sensitive information confidential."

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Information security

Digital Capability

"I’m studying a Masters of Business Information Technology. I enjoy learning about digital problems and solutions. Technological changes are happening fast and, AI and machine learning, offer many possibilities in the workplace. I’d love to work somewhere where I can apply what I’ve learnt, try new challenges and keep up-to-date with new digital technologies."

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Digital capability

Intelligence & Analysis

"I enjoy finding information about different places and topics. This includes including facts and figures, and countries and cultures. I’m also interested in people and how they see the world in different ways based on their culture and upbringing. I would like to find a job where I could use my skills and do something really interesting."

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"I’m studying a language and would like to build on my language skills and use them in different ways. To find a job where I can put what I’ve learnt into practice, would be great."

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Data Analytics

"I enjoy working with technology to solve difficult problems. I’ve always had an interest in coding and love numbers and finding ways to visualize the data I collect. I would like to use data to help interpret what’s happening around us, and even to predict the future!"

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Service Delivery & Engagement

"I’m a people person and enjoy feeling part of a community and getting things done. I would like to take part in something important, even if I’m one of many doing so. It’s important to me that my skills are recognised. I have great attention to detail and am good with numbers. I’ve been thinking about a career in law or accountancy."

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Service delivery & engagement