I have been in the intelligence community for 6 years across two agencies. I am a data scientist and have worked in roles including research and development, software engineering, intelligence analysis and NIC coordination. I started out as an ICT Cadet, working part time while I finished my undergraduate studies. I've got a Bachelor of Computer Science and am part way through a Masters of Data Science, supported by my workplace. One of the things I enjoy the most about the intelligence community is the complexity involved in my work. I'm constantly learning and pushing myself, and feel like I'm solving problems that really matter. 

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silhouette Josh - Technology

The capacity to work with cutting edge technology and associated subject-matter-experts is simply staggering in the NIC. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else, particularly when you overlay that with the satisfaction of actively contributing to the mission. 

silhouette Helena - Technology

As a STEM student, I never knew the breadth of opportunities that awaited me outside of research. Joining the NIC helped me realise that there are a multitude of unique ways that I can use my science skills and contribute meaningfully to the Australian community – all while constantly enjoying my work.