Following completion of my Bachelor of Science (Biology), I started my career in the Australian Public Service working in an operational agency. I was always interested in an Intelligence career, and after several years in my job I applied for an Intelligence Analyst position within my agency at the time. That was the start of 13 years (so far!) of exceptionally interesting and varied intelligence-related work on different topics, in two different agencies in the NIC and in several different roles (including, for example, as an Intelligence Analyst, an Intelligence Editor and in Intelligence Coordination). I like knowing that the work I’m doing is making a difference to keeping Australia a free and safe society. I’ve also received excellent support and freedom to work flexibly around family life, and I look forward to continuing my career in the NIC. 

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I have worked in three NIC agencies over the last 13 years. I came to the intelligence community a bit later in life – when I was in my early 40s – after living overseas for many years. I had gained a Ph.D. in international relations and found that I could make use of my degree and my other work experience as an intelligence analyst. But, I’ve had other roles too, including working on some exciting and innovative business transformation programs. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the NIC and being among some really amazing, talented and dedicated people. The sense of doing something important and impactful gets me up and off to work every day.