Our People

Our people love to collaborate and get things done. We’re problem solvers and dedicated to keeping Australia and Australians safe. We’re drawn from all walks of life and have a wide range of skill-sets and interests. We hire people for roles across government as well as roles you won’t find anywhere else. This can make working for one of the NIC agencies exciting, challenging and very rewarding.

silhouette Anton - Intelligence

I never thought two months after my analyst training, I’d be tracking a target through South-East Asia who had eluded authorities for months and I was determined to help find a way to locate it. I don’t recall a more exciting day than when I submitted my report with the target’s exact location after working closely with colleagues from across the NIC effecting a change.  

silhouette Ben - Service delivery and engagement

I have been in the intelligence community for almost 20 years across several agencies as both military and civilian. I have worked as an analyst, in project planning, policy, governance and now as a manager. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and work supported me in completing a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Intelligence. I have 2 children, a rabbit and a dog and am LGBTI+. I enjoy the variety and challenge of working in the intelligence community and knowing I’m contributing to the safety and wellbeing of Australians and Australia.

silhouette Dominique - Intelligence

Following completion of my Bachelor of Science (Biology), I started my career in the Australian Public Service working in an operational agency. I was always interested in an Intelligence career, and after several years in my job I applied for an Intelligence Analyst position within my agency at the time. That was the start of 13 years (so far!) of exceptionally interesting and varied intelligence-related work on different topics, in two different agencies in the NIC and in several different roles (including, for example, as an Intelligence Analyst, an Intelligence Editor and in Intelligence Coordination). I like knowing that the work I’m doing is making a difference to keeping Australia a free and safe society. I’ve also received excellent support and freedom to work flexibly around family life, and I look forward to continuing my career in the NIC. 

silhouette Elizabeth - Service delivery and engagement

As a graphic designer, I never thought about a role for me in intelligence.  A few years ago, I applied for a job in one of the NIC agencies and I have never looked back.  Every day I get decide how best to present information visually and the subject matter is fascinating. Our products end up being read by the Prime Minister, Ministers and international partners and I can really see that my work makes a difference.  With a strong demand for designers across the NIC, there are many roles for Creatives like me.  

silhouette Helena - Technology

As a STEM student, I never knew the breadth of opportunities that awaited me outside of research. Joining the NIC helped me realise that there are a multitude of unique ways that I can use my science skills and contribute meaningfully to the Australian community – all while constantly enjoying my work.  

silhouette Jess - Service delivery and engagement

I always thought it would be hard to work flexibly in the NIC but I’ve been really surprised by just how possible it is and the opportunities that are here.  I joined the NIC through a Government entry-level program after having been a student and a stay-at-home parent. My NIC agency supported me in completing my Diploma through this program. This has meant I can balance being a single parent, working full time, being a tertiary student and spending time with friends and family. I am a Djabugay and Kuku Ya’u woman from Far North Queensland so it’s been great having an employer that also understands that sometimes being with family for significant cultural occasions means having to travel up that way. 

silhouette Jonathan - Data

I have been in the intelligence community for 6 years across two agencies. I am a data scientist and have worked in roles including research and development, software engineering, intelligence analysis and NIC coordination. I started out as an ICT Cadet, working part time while I finished my undergraduate studies. I've got a Bachelor of Computer Science and am part way through a Masters of Data Science, supported by my workplace. One of the things I enjoy the most about the intelligence community is the complexity involved in my work. I'm constantly learning and pushing myself, and feel like I'm solving problems that really matter. 

silhouette Josh - Technology

The capacity to work with cutting edge technology and associated subject-matter-experts is simply staggering in the NIC. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else, particularly when you overlay that with the satisfaction of actively contributing to the mission. 

silhouette Li - Service delivery and engagement

I am a lawyer by trade and have worked in the legal sector for the past eight years. I started my career working in a large corporate law firm, because I thought that’s what everyone did. I didn’t enjoy the lack of flexibility and felt drawn to a career in the public service. Wanting a change, I moved into a federal government department’s legal area. One day I was scrolling APSJobs and I saw a vacancy for a Government Lawyer in an NIC agency. Not thinking much of it, I sent off my application and landed the job. Working in the NIC has broadened my horizons and exposed me to a range of fascinating legal issues. In my short time here, I have had multiple training and development opportunities, and even was able to go on secondment for 6 months to another NIC agency. 

silhouette Mark - Intelligence

I have worked in three NIC agencies over the last 13 years. I came to the intelligence community a bit later in life – when I was in my early 40s – after living overseas for many years. I had gained a Ph.D. in international relations and found that I could make use of my degree and my other work experience as an intelligence analyst. But, I’ve had other roles too, including working on some exciting and innovative business transformation programs. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the NIC and being among some really amazing, talented and dedicated people. The sense of doing something important and impactful gets me up and off to work every day.  

silhouette Priyanka - Service delivery and engagement

I am still new to the NIC, having joined while I was still finishing my undergraduate university degree. My team works a lot on big Diversity & Inclusion projects to ensure our workforce is as diverse as the community we serve, and so that everyone feels safe to bring their whole self to work. I never thought I would get the privilege to work in the NIC before even finishing my degree, especially in an area I feel passionate about. My managers have been so supportive and have invested a lot of time in helping develop my confidence and skills. 

silhouette Rohit - Service delivery and engagement

I didn’t even know what the Intelligence Community was until I fell into it about ten years ago, let alone working it. I undertook a Bachelor of Education and have since worked in Learning and Development and Information Management and Technology. The NIC has certainly provided me opportunities that I didn’t know existed prior to joining. What I enjoy is that every day is different and I have been able to apply my skills but also learn new ones.